Via Guglielmo Marconi,32 

32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo Belluno 

+39 0436 5755 | +39 335 5715950 



P.I. 00857740252

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Payments and phone top-us in Cortina D'Ampezzo


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Multiservice Cortina allows you to pay postal orders via Sisal Pay, so you can avoid long lines at the post office.

Through the Sisal Pay system, you can also pay car taxes, fines, installments, income taxes, and insurance premiums by using the Pago PA service, as well as request chamber of commerce checks.



The Sisal Pay system allows you to save precious time and keep your business running smoothly.

With our Sisal Pay services in Cortina, you can keep track of your receipts and have everything under control.


Avoid long lines at the post office and get more time to do what you love, with Sisal Pay.

Paying through Sisal Pay is quick and easy; just come to Cortina Multiservice and pay for home and business utilities, fines, and more, all in one place and without having to waste precious time standing in line.


With PostHello! City's mail forwarding services, you can send mail quickly and easily in the afternoon, after work.

Printing, enveloping, and delivery of mail sent via PostHello! City are handled by our partner, Poste Italiane.

Posta 1 and Posta 4

With these services, you can send letters to Italy and abroad. Printing, enveloping, and delivery are provided by Poste Italiane.

Registered mail

With Posthello! City you send registered mail (including return receipt mail) to Italy and abroad directly from the Multiservice Cortina offices.

Save time and send mail that has the same legal value as a registered letter sent at the post office.

Printing, enveloping, and delivery, as well as return receipt delivery, are handled by Poste Italiane.


When sending a telegram, you will be able to write the text directly on the PostHello! City tablet, enjoying its simple, user-friendly interface.

Poste Italiane handles printing and delivery.

Data Certa

This service affixes a time stamp with legal and probative value to your document. The document will therefore have official, legally-binding paperwork that certifies its existence and integrity at a certain date and time. Dated documents are archived in digital form at the certified Postel Data Center, and remain available and shareable for 10 years (extendable up to 40 years).



Sisal Pay also provides phone top-ups, as well as a variety of other services.

Sisal Pay allows you to top-up your prepaid cards —so that you always have money when you need it—,  your subscriptions to TV packages such as Chili Cinema and Sky, your international cell phone.

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Visit Multiservice Cortina to pay your bills quickly and easily

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