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Pagamento bollettini e ricariche telefoniche Cortina d'Ampezzo

Payment of bulletins and telephone top-ups a Cortina d'Ampezzo

Multiservice Cortina allows you to pay for any postal payment slip, avoiding unnecessary queues at post offices. Thanks to Mooney services, you can also pay quickly:

  • car tax

  • contraventions

  • installments from the Collection Agency, INPS and your insurance

  • Pago P.A. notices

  • mobile top-ups from all operators

  • activate and top up prepaid bank cards

  • digital TV top-ups (Netflix, Sky, Dazn)

  • train and bus ticket office

  • activate and pay the new “Mooney GO” motorway toll and parking service

Sisal Pay Multiservice Cortina


The Sisal Pay system allows you to save time and keep everything in order and under control. 

Thanks to the payment of bulletins via Sisal Pay offered by Multiservice Cortina, you can save precious time and always keep an eye on your receipts. 

You will avoid unnecessary queues at post offices and have more time to dedicate to what you love.

Payment of bills via Sisal Pay is fast and simple: all you have to do is go to Multiservice Cortina to pay domestic and corporate utilities and fines in a very short time, without having to queue and waste precious hours.

Sisal Pay is also at your disposal for telephone top-ups from any provider. 

In addition, Sisal Pay also allows you to top up your prepaid cards, to always have a supply of money with you, digital TV subscriptions, such as Netflix and Sky, international mobile phones.

Visit Multiservice Cortina to request

the payment of your bills

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